Rip Current

We went out surfing the other day. Or at least tried to. Despite the picturesque blue skies, the waters were tumultuous. I’ve never felt currents like that in these waters before. It was legit (as my child says and I just worked into a blog post). We ended up dropping the boards and lounging inContinue reading “Rip Current”

Gray Matter

Getting my hair done. I love my lady. She’s family. I can’t keep the grays away. She’s my gray slaying knight in shining (I’m not sure what color her hair is right now) sass and girlishness honor. I am curious about the extent of my grayness. I think it’s pretty bad. And I want toContinue reading “Gray Matter”


When all of this crazy got started I bought a ton of flour. Don’t ask me why. I couldn’t find toilet paper so flour seemed like a good substitute. I also couldn’t find yeast. So yeah. I do have some special things to bake. I’ve been dialing it in with box cakes for a longContinue reading “Baked”


Where do you get your story ideas? I’m not sure where mine flow from. Sometimes they come to me like magic. Sometimes it’s a powerhouse but then it falls like a boulder from the sky crashing into a million pieces and all of the effort put in is a large waste of time. Though evenContinue reading “Storyboarding”


I’m in a nostalgic mood right now. I expect it will carry through right to mid August when the kids go back to school. This time of year always makes me reflective. Maybe because it’s too hot to go outside and do anything so I’m coop up thinking. Never a good thing for me. ThinkingContinue reading “Nostalgia”

Time to VSS

Ok some more of my cryptic attempts at elegant writing… 2/17/20 Heart shaped petals piled up as an altar. Exhalting and defining her, crying out her worth like newsies of a bygone era. In the beginning an amused detachment, in the end a #greed for them, their power unexplainable. When they were gone, she wasContinue reading “Time to VSS”

Overdoing It

If you follow along you know I am on a weight loss quest. This has been one of the hardest, defeating, least rewarding battles I’ve ever fought. The amount of effort I’ve put into it compared to the subsequent results is laughable. I’ve gone from ‘I’m going to do this’ to ‘Nothing’s going to stopContinue reading “Overdoing It”

Grace and Frankie

I fell on this show much later than everyone else but I loved it just as much. Those ladies are hysterical and the first few seasons were pure gold. One of my favorite episodes was when Frankie started on Social Media. I think I found it so funny because she was genuinely trying to haveContinue reading “Grace and Frankie”