Napoleon Complex

You’ve heard a decent bit about my one little rescue diva hot mess.  But I have another rescue dog.  This one is not pure bred like the girl though they told us he was. It doesn’t matter that’s not why we get dogs. He also fits right in with our crazy.

We are all convinced he is unaware that he is only 15lbs.  My eldest always says this dog has the heart of a warrior. We all think it’s funny that under no circumstance will this dog allow anyone to F’ with his family. He was bred to be a guard dog and that’s what he does, guard. Wherever we are he sits listening, right next to us, making sure we’re safe even at home when he’s in his comfort zone.  And if anything ever attacked us he’d be first in the fight to do what little he could to keep us safe.

It’s amazing to be loved with that kind of blind devotion. Animals have a way of reminding us how far we still have to go as humans to truly reach an elevated thinking. There are still too many stories of stupid people doing awful things to animals, domesticated or wild, to say we deserve any place at the top of the pyramid. Taking that a step further there are still too many stupid people doing awful things to other humans, let alone animals.

That little black and white dog reminds me every day how to love and trust blindly. He gets devotion and when I let him down the look in his eyes is heartbreaking.

Ghandi said you can judge a society by how they treat their animals. And how, Ghandi, and how.

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