Seasonal Disorder

I only like the rain at night when I’m going to sleep. Or on a lazy day where I really don’t have anything pressing to do and I can stay in my pajamas all day with my hair in a messy Pebble’s bun. Otherwise, rain is a drag.

I hate trying to get to work or run errands or do anything functional with the burden of rain. It might be fun for a romantic walk and wet kisses but I’ll be honest I’ve never tried that. I may be past that level of whimsy in my relationship. I don’t know maybe not. But I do know, I would be thinking about the mess we’ll make when we go inside after all the romantic fun and the laundry I’ll need to do to keep the clothes from mildewing. And then really, the mood is broken, right?

So rain goes on the ‘No’ list for me. Let me give you some irony, I love snowy days. Don’t ask. The glaring inconsistencies of my personality are what make me, me. I like the sun and the mood the sun puts me in. Rain can come at night when I’m warm under my covers and its rhythmic patter helps with my relentless insomnia.

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Wannabe Writer Tired Mother Aspiring Slacker

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