Island Time

I’ve been taking naps. This is not my natural state of being. During the rest of the year I am on like the Energizer Bunny. It’s exhausting for everyone around me. But when I hit the island or the mountains my body suddenly shifts to this time. We call it Island Time in that it applies even if it’s the mountains or the country or an island. Wherever time slows down and you look foolish if you don’t also slow down. It’s mandatory chill pill. And the legal drug pushers would do well to develop this treatment. I’d be first to buy it.

Having grown up on a 50/50 mix of Island Time and Southern Time (which is only a few seconds faster than Island Time), this is a comfortable pace for me even though I ignore that comfort zone most of the time. Oddly, the other pace I’m comfortable at is the dull roar of the City Bustle. I can hang there. Where I’m not comfortable is Suburban Time. Something about it grates at me, the fake milestones of accomplishment, the fake people striving for their fake goals, the general fake right down to the facades on the buildings. Not for me. And I am actively plotting my escape from it.

But right now, I’m about to take another nap while I enjoy my moment on Island Time. Have a great day!

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