Netflix and Chill

One of my mom friends is my link to all the TV that I need to see. Well I have two friends who keep me in the know but I hear from the one more often. The other one will drop her knowledge on our occasional roller blade sessions. But the first mom is always texting me with, ‘have you seen?’ Which I never have. I’ve probably also never heard about it.

We don’t put the TV on until evening and not until after 7 most days, even though we work from home (long before it was cool to work from home). So I spend my days reading articles or podcasts or books for fun (you know maybe Twitter) when I need some downtime or at lunch. With kids and life, TV was put on the shelf awhile ago for me. I have to admit it’s fun to get to be part of the dialogue when something is viral and popular and I’m actually watching it while it’s viral and popular. This isn’t my usual place at the table. My usual place is seeing it a year later and asking ‘has anyone seen that cool show?’

I know the ultra cool see watching the viral hits as the act of hoi polloi. That’s fine. I’ve never been cool. I stopped trying for that a long time ago. When my friend is like, ‘girl, you have to watch this’. I’m going to put it on my list and have a great time watching it on my delayed time line and talking to her and others about it. Foolishness is a fun part of life and there’s nothing wrong with indulging it time to time and that’s what most of these shows are. It causes no harm and sometimes these shows are eye opening, like Tiger King. That one still leaves a bitter taste in my mouth.

Enjoy the release of turning of the brain and being entertained. There’s no shame in pop music people. Just enjoy the dance and stop trying to be so fucking cool.

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