Cover and Weave

I wrote a post on SM warfare a few days ago and in between I had a random response to one of my post that looked like the beginning of a ‘fight’. I haven’t had many people do this and it’s comical that the few times it has happened it has been on a silly, offhand, stupid post on a nothing subject. Just me throwing shit out to the wind. Really? This is what you want to pick a fight over? I’ve written some provocative stuff, maybe take a swing at that, genius.

As always I utilized my fighting techniques. One of my favorite exercise activities is fighting (Krav/boxing/Muay Thai). I’m not very strong so in a bout of brute strength I’ll lose every time. But what I am is disciplined. You never take the first swing, in particular, against a fighter you’ve never fought before. Take a shot or two, get a feel for their impact and their style. Then unleash.

I take the same approach to those ready to poke a giant when they try to pick idiot fights. I let them swing without swinging back. Part is to see who I’m fighting, part is to give them a chance to run. Because I am one lady you do not want to pick a fight with. Truth is much of this discipline comes from having worked in male dominated fields my entire career. I survived Wall St. (They should sell t-shirts for this.) You do not want to fight me. I’m wildly fair but only willing to take so much.

So there is my life advice. Know when to cover and bob. But when the time comes don’t be afraid to throw an elbow, land a knee and superman punch them back into their cave.

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