Writing Tools

I see people talking about the many different tools they use for writing. I know I’m amateur hour but I use Word, for just about everything. I may open the notepad to take some notes. Occasionally I’ll fire up an Excel sheet to keep track of my characters and story time lines. Old school works for me.

I looked into Scrivener and I almost pulled the trigger. But to be honest I don’t have time to learn another software and the fact is no organization tool has really ever helped me. Part of my magic is the chaotic explosion of my utter lack of organization. My desk = My mind. One big information creative regurgitation. I don’t want to mess with that gold mine.

And between Outlook and Teams and Skype for Business and Slack and all future coming tools to make me better that I will be forced to learn that have never really made me better, I’ve had enough with all the tools. I’ll stick to my hammer and nail.

At least I’m not changing typewriter ribbon. What do you write with?

Published by miasotowrites

Wannabe Writer Tired Mother Aspiring Slacker

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