Due North

I have a friend who would give you the shirt off her back and insist that she didn’t need it.  She would convince you somehow that it was ok to take it. And she wouldn’t be doing it as an act of martyrdom or with a jar of marbles counting her good deeds to yours. She acts without volition. It is simply who she is.

She is the singular best person I’ve ever met and that she’s kept me as a friend is a blessing that I’m not going to question out loud lest she figure out she can do better. Needless to say I’m protective of her.  She is part of my circle of trust and you don’t f’ with my circle of trust unless you want the crazy southern Spanish lady to unleash.  It won’t be pretty.

As I get older I’m realizing of all the legacies I leave behind the one that is most important to me is that I did my best to walk the path. Yes I’m Christian/Catholic.  Bear with me here I don’t bring this up often and I don’t care if you pray to God or Allah or whomever or whatever or not ever.  Everyone needs a compass, a guide, for how they want to be in the world and how they want to leave the world after their path has been passed through. It’s not easy for me to rise above ‘like for like’ or selfish thinking.  I don’t want to be the penny counter counting that I’ve done this much for someone and they’ve not returned any of the favors but I haven’t gotten to that level of peace yet. It’s a WIP.

Call it what you like but the day I can say I live like my friend with the same effortless selflessness she does, I’ll have arrived at my destination. Until then I’ll consider myself blessed I have such a great example of where I’m heading.

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