Calamity Jane

First big hike of the season and I biffed it hard. I could lie to you and make you believe this is a one off fluke but let’s be honest. It isn’t. I’m chronically accident prone. My youngest child tends to try to catch balls with their face and they got that skill from me.

A few years back my eldest took up hockey and they wanted me to as well. So I took some lessons. Lesson #1 don’t use your hand to brace your fall if you fall backwards, which you will do if you are nube, trust me.

Photo evidence #1:

Flash forward to Saturday after a long steep uphill climb, about 20 yards from the finish line at the bottom, talking to my youngest child about the game ‘Never Have I Ever’, I tripped on a somewhat hidden branch. Because we were still on a slight decline what would have been one of those whoopsie stumbles turned into a Superwoman parallel to the ground flight simulation until I crashed face/body first into the gravel pathway. I didn’t see it first hand because I was busy living it first hand but I bet it was spectacular.

Photo evidence #2:

Thank you loyal hands for always catching my fall. We all need a friend in life. Everyone watch that last step, it’s a doozy.

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