1st in Class

Last weekend I competed with my guy for the first time. If you don’t know, I ride horses. I can’t call it my happy space because that’s a gross understatement of my feelings for the time I spend in this activity. But it does make me very happy.

I guess you can say my guy is a rescue. He was another little girl’s horse at my barn and at the time he was a handful, too much for a child. So my trainer who knows I’m a sucker for lost causes talked me into him. He’s a beauty so it wasn’t a hard sale. And Voila! I owned a horse.

From the date of purchase it has been a haphazard maze race to get him to live up to his potential. Even right up to when I trotted in for my salute things could have gone either way. And then Jazz hands he was spectacular.

His method of success isn’t unusual, a lot of chaos and then suddenly when the curtain raises, boom, magic. I’ve seen plenty of humans take the same approach. For me success like that only happens after lots of work and preparation so that nothing can throw me.

The night before we competed I watched one of Malcolm Gladwell’s Masterclasses where he spoke about the difference between choking and panicking. His example was fascinating so I won’t spoil it in case you get the chance to watch. When you choke you have all the tools you need but you still screw up. When you panic you don’t have all the tools you need and as a result you fail. I realized about myself when I get to a point where it’s time to perform you can be sure I will choke and not panic.

I have to say it also bit me with the competition bug because we won 1st in class for both of our classes! Which means he owned it. I think the last thing I competed at in life, with any seriousness, was high school tennis. I can’t wait for our next outing.

Now to get his canter to look more like an elegant sweep and less like we’re charging the battle field.

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