My SO has become a mixologist in recent weeks after watching a Masterclass of a couple bartenders. I forget their names. Anyway, these days I get met with mid week Cosmos or Mojitos and the like. The Cosmo is off the chart. I think they’re trying to get me drunk and after 20 years it’s not a bad strategy.

Building skills are important. I see a lot of questions on SM that are so focused or targeted. And I see a lot of genre bashing. I don’t get any of that. I read everything. I’ll try everything at least once, aside from bungee jumping. Though I definitely want to go sky diving and my oldest and I have a date in a few years for that.

My title at my company says President but I think a better description would be jack of all trades because I wear the finance, accounting, marketing, HR, and president-ing and occasional functional work hat. It makes for an interesting job and here and there a thought pops in my mind that I’d rather just have a clock in and clock out job. Then I do a mental check for how boring that would be and I’m back to me.

Don’t limit yourself. The opportunity is in the unexpected.

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