With Love

Creative Writing Prompt: Write a love letter

I won’t lie I may have done some research on this one. Flowery words are not my forte. I know pretty funny right? But I like how this came out.

My Love,

I wanted to write something of Springtime and roses and billowing moors but that all seems rather dramatic. How silly would it be to drape our love in something so trite? To think how we would look clomping around in such a bedazzled cape. Too much has passed and anyway I think we’re slightly more interesting than that.

You came at me unexpected in the best way possible. The unexpected is so inconvenient don’t you think? It ripples the waters and makes one queasy, unsure. I’d like to lie about the importance of you but that would be rude of me and very, very disingenuous. Our shared history is the root of us and all the powerful sentiment that my heart cannot overcome, like a rising tsunami, it drowns me under its weight.

It’s hard to describe what the fury of this love has done to me. I think of you like an obsession engulfing me in my every day moments. I want it to end. I have become the beggar begging for you in the most basic way. My body crazy with the memory of your touch, your kisses. You are essential to me and my happiness. I don’t wish to be without you. If you must know, you have won the game, the game I was unaware I was even playing.

I’ll always love you as someone special as someone who knows me a little too well and how you know I don’t like that all. Love will always confuse me with it’s stops and starts and ons and offs and thises and thats. Try as I have to toss it aside and laugh at it, pointing and saying it is for the young or the foolish, I always seemed to fall back into it wanting exactly what it has to offer – the joy, exhilaration, anticipation, you.

I don’t have flowery words. It isn’t my style as you know. All I can say, most emphatically, is I adore you and I love you.

Unquestioningly Yours,


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