It’s Mother’s Day and if ever you become introspective and wise and humble it is upon entering and surviving parenthood. If you’ve read along from the beginning you know my mom and I have a volatile relationship. It is one of those relationships where I have to maintain control and a little distance for myContinue reading “Mom”

Wicked Woman

Writing Prompt: include these words somewhere in a story ‘…but if anyone asks tell them we’re fine’. This one screamed ominous to me so there I went. Enjoy! “I was trying to be thoughtful. I was trying to be caring. All the things he said I never was. All the things he broke in meContinue reading “Wicked Woman”


Twitter is infamous for impossible questions. What’s your favorite book, food, place you’ve traveled, movie, song? Who can answer these open ended loaded questions? Not me. I always have to qualify it like the most favorite one that I just read or read when I was eleven or just watched. I’ve always orbited the peripheryContinue reading “Impossible”

Holla Back Girl

I remember going to aerobics classes with my mom in high school and the instructors were always encouraging us to woohoo. Over the years friends have dragged me to this and that latest fad exercise, often a little girl concentric, where wooing was requested of the participants. Let me state for the record I’m notContinue reading “Holla Back Girl”

Sunday Night Movie

Nostalgia is on the rise during this epidemic. I was watching TV when an advertisement on CBS came on for the Sunday Night Movie. They were celebrating the re-introduction of this tradition and playing Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom, a sure classic. With excitement, I said to my child the Sunday Night MovieContinue reading “Sunday Night Movie”

Cooking Show

I don’t have an Instagram account but if I did my first follow would be Jennifer Garner and her Pretend Cooking Show. She has a charm that seems lost to the world of entertainment and it’s nice to see it being embraced. One of the cool things about this crisis is all the cooking happening.Continue reading “Cooking Show”

I’m Bored Mom

I was watching Sunday Morning (a positive effect of this quarantine because it was years since I had seen this show before this all started). There was a cute excerpt of kids declaring war on their parents, ticketing them for bad behavior. In short, the kids have had enough. And I can speak from experienceContinue reading “I’m Bored Mom”

Creative Effort

Writing Challenge: If your brain were a tangible, physical place, what would it be like? Pulling the deep weeds in the blistering sun was never any fun. The sticky heat clung to her skin and pooled between the valley of her breasts. Jungle sounds surrounded her chirping, squawking, the occasional sinister hiss that raised theContinue reading “Creative Effort”