Purple Prose

I’m trying to decide my feeling on this writing style, issue, conundrum. Someone’s over written phrasing is another one’s glowing extolment. I read a book a few years ago Fates and Furies. There was so much good to say about this book even with the kitschy twist in the middle. Thanks Gone Girl for foreverContinue reading “Purple Prose”

Harvest Moon

Growing season is in full swing. Our fruit trees are budding and blooming and gearing up for the long grow over the summer until we reach the harvest moon. I’ve always loved that term, harvest moon. For me it reminds me of Fall, by far my favorite season. Something about cozy sweaters, turning leaves, warmContinue reading “Harvest Moon”

Curls Get the Girls

I hate arm day. Let me back up, I hate lifting weights. Wait, let me rephrase. I’m not a fan of gym exercise, at all. But I’m allowing that it might may be working in helping make me strong, fit and much leaner. I started Beach Body on Demand a few months ago and IContinue reading “Curls Get the Girls”


My youngest child’s dear friend is moving away in about two weeks. The price of a military life. I’m considering a claim for custody rights. Like I should get them for the summer or something because this kid is a permanent fixture at my house. The child spends so much time at my house thatContinue reading “BFF”

Sunday Smunday

I’ve cancelled all the camps I scheduled back in the Fall when they were doing their annual ‘manic order now before space runs out, while the price is low, to be sure you don’t have FOMO’ hysteria. Businesses are reaching out with virtual camps. I’m not sure how August looks for the actual return toContinue reading “Sunday Smunday”


Writing Prompt: write about someone who loves boysenberry jam This one came together easier than normal because I saw Forest Gump on Sunday. Might even call this fan fiction. “Well I always did like a good berry. And you know boysenberry is the best berry. You can use it everywhere. There’s bread and cake andContinue reading “PB&J”

Beauty Mark

I’m not going to lie I miss some of the beauty services I’m used to getting. I’m not complaining but they are nice luxuries that I like getting done. I’ve survived without them just fine. Still, I have a hair appointment next Thursday. Yeah! And I think I’m going to wade into the nail salonContinue reading “Beauty Mark”

Tit for Tat

I like makeup and untenable high heels. I also like flip flops and surfing. Hiking in the mountains during the summer is the best two months of the year. Putting on my (faux) leather pants and saucy stilettos at Christmas is kind of empowering. Swimming in the waters around our island is childhood nostalgia steepedContinue reading “Tit for Tat”


I’ve decided this is going to be my Instagram week where I talk about all surface topics. It may boil over into next week. Maybe not. Depends on when I get bored of it. It’s easy to target the IGers because they commit so un-ironically to the utter stupidity of life – their looks, cosmeticContinue reading “Weighty”

Filters (2)

Of course with me I can’t leave something at the surface level, superficial mindless fun. Writing about photo filters yesterday got me to thinking about the filters we all live with each day, the ones we put on our selfs to meet the expectations of those around us. For me, there’s Mom filter. This isContinue reading “Filters (2)”