Hmmm Not So Fast

Writing Prompt: The year you were born

This is not something I talk about though you probably have a vague idea. I’m older than some, younger than others, willing to admit the differential is quickly closing to one side. Kennedy was before me but then which Kennedy there are so many. I saw Madonna live but then I hear she’s still touring. The Stones were great…when they came through last year. James Taylor was my first concert. I saw the wall come down and have a piece of the cement, from before they closed it down. I wore bell bottoms and tube tops, though I see those are back in style. We traveled to space the year I was born though I guess we did that a few times. I had bangs, like bangs. I sat in the jump seat, without a seat belt, behind stacks of suitcases. I saw all of the Star Wars movies in a theater, true story.

And I guess does it really matter? I’m old enough and not enough and maybe that’s enough to give me some appeal or lack there off.

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Wannabe Writer Tired Mother Aspiring Slacker

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