How often do I speak of this. Alot. I know. I say it so much my kids are on automatic eye roll as soon as the first few letters leave my tongue. Nothing gets good without effort. Nothing gets easier without it either. And we all know nothing is fun until you’re good at it and that takes effort.

My kids have been homeschooling (long before it was mandatory) but they decided this year they wanted to go back to traditional school next year. So they will. With this will come the rules that we’ve been able to thumb our noses at over the last few years.

Especially damning for my kids will be the finality of how school works. You take a test. You pass. You fail. There’s no in between, no fluidity. I hate this kind of thinking and after years of homeschooling they are no longer used to this kind of thinking. It’s going to be an ugly reawakening. I’m not thrilled with having to embrace this kind of process again but I also know that they are going to have to deal with this type of process once they get into real life. I do believe things are changing but not yet, not enough that they can ignore how the world works right now.

So they will have to put effort into readjusting to this new normal. I’ll have more time to write and that will be my effort. A significant part of this effort for me will be using the time wisely to become better and not just eating snacks, scrolling Twitter, and avoiding effort until pick up time. Quarantine has been a damning hell demon showing me how frail and undisciplined my ability to take advantage of excess time is.

I’ve starting to look at it (quarantine) as a Intro class into not tossing away valuable gifts. So far I’ve probably dumped the equivalent of the Hope Diamond out the window in the amount of time I’ve wasted. So I plow on knowing tomorrow I’ll try again. I’m endlessly hopeful for the impossible. Committed to the effort.

But first it’s five and I think I want a glass of wine…

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Wannabe Writer Tired Mother Aspiring Slacker

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