It’s the official start to Summer, and let’s agree that this year the moment is 100% anticlimactic. I’m still in hermit mode until enough people have caught this that they figure out some more consistent ‘tells’ for who lives or dies or they come up with a treatment or vaccine.

Many of my fellow neighbors are under no such restrictions and they are either going to make me look like an idiot or a genius. But when the price of such a judgement comes at potential death, I don’t mind looking like the court jester.

We’re getting ready to do our yearly migration north to the mountains. I can’t wait. We’ve been holding off from going for a month just to be safe and not add to the problem. But we’ve set the dates and we are like thoroughbreds at the gates of Churchill Downs begging for release. The weather is already unbearable down here and it will be fun to be sequestered in a new place. My goal is many, many words written. And of course work, there’s always work but at least it will be in a beautiful setting.

I love to hike. If I’m being honest, I like exercising out of doors, hiking, swimming, paddle boarding, surfing, riding (horses). My plan is to get out into nature and walk up a steep incline, often if not daily. Get stuck in my head. Well get stuck in my head in a new place because I’m always a little stuck in my head. Planning out stories and goals and all the things that constantly run through my active brain often denying me sleep.

My kids are nascent rock climbers. Maybe this year I’ll try my hand at that as well. We’ll see. I’m kind of accident prone but I like to try new things. It keeps me sharp even if I fail, especially if I fail.

Here’s to summer however it is spent for you!

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