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I’m trying to decide my feeling on this writing style, issue, conundrum. Someone’s over written phrasing is another one’s glowing extolment. I read a book a few years ago Fates and Furies. There was so much good to say about this book even with the kitschy twist in the middle. Thanks Gone Girl for forever damning us to clever twists.

Still the one negative from Fates and Furies were the words, so many of them, too many of them, so flowery, almost painful sometimes. Donna Tart likes a good word as well and I felt The Goldfinch got lost in them sometimes but her words have a sparseness that speak to me. Lauren Groff’s words, at least in this book, were like bad poetry sometimes and that was frustrating because the story and idea were spectacular.

I know from my own writing that when I’m being sparse and cryptic I’m more than likely also leaving the reader confused. In trying to be too clever, too Hemmingway-esque, I’ve left out enough detail that the reader is filling it in for me. That’s ok if what the reader is filling in doesn’t matter that much. It’s not ok when they are making presumptive leaps that will hurt the plot. I also know when things are over described to me in a story it gets tedious. No one likes to be talked down to.

I’m stretching into some new genres and alot of the flowery descriptions and over acting that is required for a romance doesn’t work with the new stories. It’s taking a toll on my thesaurus and my confidence. Romance is not easy to write, in particular, romance that doesn’t come off schmaltzy. So I refuse to believe like others are so gleeful to do, that Romance is not real writing. It does require different tools and I’ve grown accustomed to these tools and maybe, a little lazy in them.

As always, growth is pain and pain is how we break out of our molds and elevate. But don’t be surprised to see a love scene or two creep up in my space odyssey.

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