Curls Get the Girls

I hate arm day. Let me back up, I hate lifting weights. Wait, let me rephrase. I’m not a fan of gym exercise, at all. But I’m allowing that it might may be working in helping make me strong, fit and much leaner.

I started Beach Body on Demand a few months ago and I recently waded into one of the weight lifting courses. Under different circumstances, I take an early morning boot camp where I complain through many of the similar exercises that this course is making me do. There is irony in that, and thank goodness my regular trainer has no idea about this blog. Small blessings.

We have a decent weight set up in the garage for my SO. Since I had the equipment and my obsessive focus on the butt and legs while 100% ignoring my arms is not a balance approach, I decided to indulge it and try the course out. During one of the videos I heard the phrase ‘curls get the girls’. Never heard that before. They keep me under a rock.

It’s a good course. It’s also forcing me to have an arm day more than once every 3 months. Day 1-3 of each week in the course are all arms and only one day is legs. WTF? Still, even though I want to skip forward and go to the part of the body I think I need more work on I’m not going to do so. When I wake up in the morning and I’m sore in the arms and back I know it has been worth it. Just like everything hard when I don’t avoid it and try I always feel better. Same with writing.

Well, I guess that’s enough procrastinating. Let me get out there and do shoulder day. Because tomorrow is buns of steel.

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