My youngest child’s dear friend is moving away in about two weeks. The price of a military life. I’m considering a claim for custody rights. Like I should get them for the summer or something because this kid is a permanent fixture at my house. The child spends so much time at my house that I have pictures of them at every occasion and they get disciplined like one of my own. I love this child and I’m going to miss them.

The loss of their presence made me think of childhood friends that have passed by. There was my best friend in elementary, Cherylynne. My core gang in middle and high school: Liz, Michelle and Amy. My wild counterpart from college Tara and the voice of reason Sara. Add to the high school and college core friends a large satellite group of amigos and I realize I have had a good run of friendships. Not to mention my more recent mom friends.

I’ve been lucky. Some have passed on but that’s ok. Just because a relationship fades to black doesn’t mean it was anything but a wonderful happy memory that helped shaped me. Some maybe were not so joyful and their ending was a necessary conclusion to a lesson learned.

We’ve bought some things to help the kids stay in touch. The truth is at this young age the odds are against longevity. Too much distance and new experiences to distract and stimulate. Too little tangible contact to keep the flame alive. Cherylynne and I fell apart just from a cross town switch of schools.

Either way, we’ll miss our friend. I’m sorry it ended like this with separation and social distancing visits. In lieu of seeing them upstairs in the loft crowded over a Switch or some other device, I’ll have to keep the many pictures and moments they spent with us alive in my heart.

Bon voyage, little one! You’ll be missed. Enjoy the adventure.

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