Sunday Smunday

I’ve cancelled all the camps I scheduled back in the Fall when they were doing their annual ‘manic order now before space runs out, while the price is low, to be sure you don’t have FOMO’ hysteria. Businesses are reaching out with virtual camps. I’m not sure how August looks for the actual return to school. All of our conferences are cancelled or pushed out far into the future.

Our state is opening up a little while others are flinging the door open and to hell with it all. As we step into the new world order may we all be considerate of each other whether we think this is real or a hoax, whether we believe in alternative medicine or pharmaceuticals, whether we wear a mask or not.

The great thing about this country is that it is made up of individuals. And nothing has driven that home more than the past few months. I don’t agree with many of my countrymen or their behavior but I’m smart enough to plan for their lunacy while protecting me and mine.

From there I’ll watch the show from the side with my mask on without confrontation. See you tomorrow!

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