Writing Prompt: write about someone who loves boysenberry jam

This one came together easier than normal because I saw Forest Gump on Sunday. Might even call this fan fiction.

“Well I always did like a good berry. And you know boysenberry is the best berry. You can use it everywhere. There’s bread and cake and puree for a fancy dinner. It’s the best jam.”

“Yes, Daddy.”

“When I started Cooper’s the only thing I said we had to sell, year round, mind you, even though it isn’t easy finding the real deal in the winter, well anyway, was -“

“Boysenberry jam.” She finished his thoughts, her smile hidden from him.

“Yes, well, it was a big deal back then selling fresh jam in the middle of winter.” He rocked in his chair thinking. “I remember how we found out your Uncle Darrell was allergic to peanuts. Sara and I were eatin’ spoonfuls of boysenberry jam and peanut butter and …”

“Yes and you gave some to Uncle Darrell and he swelled up like a puffer fish and y’all spent the night in the emergency room.”

He frowned at her back perturbed she interrupted his story. “Well it was a big night for us.” He grumbled as she nodded. He rocked for a moment as the berries popped and hissed. “Kinda like that time Mama send your Uncle Bruce and I out to pick some berries for jam. We ate them for hours and fell asleep by the river. When we woke up…”

“I know Daddy you were covered in fire ants and you ran into the water and the ant bites didn’t hurt near as much as that whoopin’ you got for falling asleep and swimming when you were suppose to be picking.”

“Hrmph.” He gave her a grumbled look never liking someone stealing his spotlight. He squared his offended jaw and said, “Well I thought you might like to hear it again.”

“I know, Daddy. But mama said we have to do this and have it ready for the Church fair by this afternoon and all you’re doing is eating the berries and talking.”

“Can’t sees two people stirrin’ a pot. Seems some conversations was due.” He leaned back in his chair as she stirred the big metal pot gurgling on the stove. Yes, he’d have some soon with a thick cut of that bread Marney baked yesterday. Maybe two he thought as he faded to sleep. He did skip lunch to pick berries after all.

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