Beauty Mark

I’m not going to lie I miss some of the beauty services I’m used to getting. I’m not complaining but they are nice luxuries that I like getting done. I’ve survived without them just fine.

Still, I have a hair appointment next Thursday. Yeah! And I think I’m going to wade into the nail salon next week or maybe the week after. I dunno. I’m trying to spread out my exposure. There are some other things that need attention but I’m keeping this site PG!

I guess that’s the point. Even though we’ve decided this is over not because it is over but because we’re over it, the fact is those of us with 1/2 a brain know this isn’t any way near over. None of us are going charging back into the world without a calculated plan and lots of barriers to infection.

I keep seeing people say the travel/air industry may be years away from normal travel again and I believe it. I guess it’s as we all knew. Nothing goes back to where it was.

So begins the Brave New World. In the meantime I’m ordering a bubble with hand and toe slots because that shit needs taking care of.

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