I’ve decided this is going to be my Instagram week where I talk about all surface topics. It may boil over into next week. Maybe not. Depends on when I get bored of it. It’s easy to target the IGers because they commit so un-ironically to the utter stupidity of life – their looks, cosmetic procedures, clothes, celebrity, basically beauty at a high and unattainable level. I will say the photography and visual arts/architecture are spectacular.

As an artistic minded person who never had the gumption to pursue such a career my snarky judgement of the IGers with out a doubt stems from pea green envy. I would have been great at such a ridiculous minded career. I can be vapid and mindless and there is something so basic about someone who has committed to this way of thinking, their utter ignorance of anything of weight or import must be freeing. Like walking around in an empty but beautiful cavern. Uh oh – there’s that snark.

There’s no shame in admiring beauty whether real or manufactured. It’s beautiful. It’s meant to be cooed over. What I think is dumber than the IGers who have identified a market and exploited it are those that reward them. That we are the sort of economy that elevates people to the highest echelon of financial reward for having no real skill is baffling. Then I guess you just need to watch one of those ‘on the street’ episodes where normal people are asked basic education questions and fail them miserably to know we’ve given up the fight and are happy with our SOMA.

As much as I like to say I’m a 100% Twitter because I can’t IG. The truth is I’m committed to many of the same goals. Right now I am trying to obtain a 20lb weight loss. For the first few months I was stuck at only 2lbs loss. I stomped around PO’d, foregoing cake and delicious things to get no results. Then it started to happen after I acknowledged the truth that at my age that kind of weight loss was going to take extreme measures – extreme calorie restriction, extreme exercise.

I’m not sure this is sustainable but I will say I’m probably in some of the best shape of my life.

And that alone is going to give my IG account pages of content.

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