It’s Mother’s Day and if ever you become introspective and wise and humble it is upon entering and surviving parenthood. If you’ve read along from the beginning you know my mom and I have a volatile relationship. It is one of those relationships where I have to maintain control and a little distance for my mental health and it took me decades to figure out that self help defense tactic.

It is because of my mom I find myself gravitating to unhealthy relationships as if finding validation, success, this time with hurtful engagement might make some of the past hurts less so. I’m getting better about that and in the 2nd half of my life surrounding myself with people of equal worth. That’s not to say we’re amazing and blah blah blah so simmer down. It is so say we are simpatico as they say in Spanish. We make sense together.

Now standing at the teenage years of parenthood for me, my frustrations and other outrages at my mom have mellowed a little. I get it, not all of it, but some of it. Don’t go into parenthood with rose colored glasses because you’ll get punched in the nose about three minutes in and then all you’ll have is a cracked glass view of what is more like a hike to the top of Everest. It’s hard. And so rewarding. My kids rock and they are my rock. I predict they will soar and I can’t wait to see their successes.

Provided they haven’t driven me over the edge of sanity by then. Happy Mother’s Day!

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