Wicked Woman

Writing Prompt: include these words somewhere in a story ‘…but if anyone asks tell them we’re fine’.

This one screamed ominous to me so there I went. Enjoy!

“I was trying to be thoughtful. I was trying to be caring. All the things he said I never was. All the things he broke in me long ago. Still it was never enough all the trying and then I grew tired of trying.”

“What do you mean by you grew tired of trying?”

I shrug. “I don’t know. I stopped feeling awhile ago. One gets tired of being manipulated, watched. And I was never suited at being shifty, not like him. It’s why he’s so good at keeping me under thumb, even while he behaves so badly. He knows what to look for, the things to do, say, to control.”

She looks confused and scared and I like that I caused that in her.

“I mean after awhile you stop caring about feeling about all the bad things you think you are or did. When you aren’t the problem at all. You go on autopilot.”

“What have you done?”

I look at her with her stylish horn rim glasses and her sleek suit, smooth legs crossed at the knee. They look soft but firm and I wonder what they feel like. Would it be weird if I stood up and ran my hands along them? Like he used to. Push them apart and touch my mouth where he would between her legs. Could I make her make the sounds I heard that day? She clears her throat and my attention snaps back.

“I did what had to be done.”

“This is over.”

“Yes.” I agree enjoying the bead of sweat that has sprung up on her upper lip. I’m going to enjoy becoming a cliche. I have enjoyed it so far already. They are the best of archetypes even if they get no glory. Yes, this will feel as good as it did with him.

“I’m leaving.” She pushes up with a confidence I can tell she doesn’t feel from the quiver in her voice.

“I don’t think so.”

She swallows her face contorting into true fear.

“He’s out back waiting for you.”

“Please, please let me call my children.” She’s sobbing and her words are hard to understand.

“Shhh, now. You can call them. Of course you can call them, but if anyone asks tell them we’re fine’.

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