Holla Back Girl

I remember going to aerobics classes with my mom in high school and the instructors were always encouraging us to woohoo. Over the years friends have dragged me to this and that latest fad exercise, often a little girl concentric, where wooing was requested of the participants.

Let me state for the record I’m not a woo-er. I always feel a little stupid doing it. Because of this I guess I’ve tended toward things that don’t require this sort of feedback – Muay Thai, Krav. And anyway woo-ing while palm heeling someone to the nose and back sweeping them to the floor would probably be considered rude or gloating. Even horseback riding which is heavy on the girlie doesn’t really do this. I guess it’s a grittier girl who doesn’t mind mucking a stable. Come to think of it ballet another favorite, and heavy on the girl participation, also doesn’t require this. So I’m not really sure why so many of these group classes are so into this.

I guess I wish I was a woohooer. My life as a girl would be easier if I was. It would mean that I wasn’t always tragically awkward with a weird thinking brain and utterly socially inept behavior. All these years later this is still a demon I fight with – embrace myself or not. I’d love to tell you kiddos this gets easier, you get more confident with time. Maybe some do. Me not so much.

The best advice I have is know that there won’t be much you can do to change some of your awkward realities and if you try it will look like wearing a fuchsia mini skirt and neon yellow pumps together. Don’t even. Even though I’m pretty sure I did once upon a time. You will find your peeps that I do know. The ones who know it’s just Mia, give her a wide berth for her crazy and everything will be cool. It took me awhile but it happened. And it happened with some of the most unexpected people.

I guess trust that you don’t have to be anything but what you are. Those pheromones will attract the right people in time. Until then head high and remember no one can hear over the music if you woohoo’d so lip sync if need be.

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