Cooking Show

I don’t have an Instagram account but if I did my first follow would be Jennifer Garner and her Pretend Cooking Show. She has a charm that seems lost to the world of entertainment and it’s nice to see it being embraced. One of the cool things about this crisis is all the cooking happening. I feel like we all have a pretend cooking show now.

The bread pictures have been next level and if you must know, of all the damned foods of the day, this one is by far my favorite. Warm bread with butter, I could eat the whole loaf. I’ve passed this gene on to my children. This weakness will haunt them later in life. But right now they are skinny minnie so eat up kiddos that demon is waiting around the corner of metabolism time.

I made banana bread for the first time in years the other day and my SO smoked a turkey bread that was off the charts. I’m watching Gordon Ramsey’s master class and I’ve learned the hard way that I need to be well fed before queuing one of his lessons up.

For all of this bacchanal food indulgence we all know there are plenty in need. There are lines of cars at the local food banks. People who would never have dreamed they would need this kind of help pulling up. We’ve given donations for meals and I want to volunteer but I don’t want to bring the virus back and somehow infect my child. So I do what I can by donating.

Either way it’s great to see this embracing of food. Food is a great unify-er. It makes for good evenings with friends or family. It is the stuff of lingering after as we finish a bottle with funny stories or raising a glass in celebration of a birthday over used dishes and half empty bowls. It’s comfort and calm in a time that is anything but comforting or calm.

So whatever you have on tap for your kitchen today may it be enjoyed in good health. Salud!

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