I’m Bored Mom

I was watching Sunday Morning (a positive effect of this quarantine because it was years since I had seen this show before this all started). There was a cute excerpt of kids declaring war on their parents, ticketing them for bad behavior. In short, the kids have had enough. And I can speak from experience that our family is right there with them.

The other night my eldest came and crashed face down on the couch next to me. This was after abandoning their sibling earlier saying ‘we’ve been spending a lot of time together and I needed to be away from them’. I asked my eldest what was wrong and they said ‘I’m tired of this. I miss going out. I want to go back to martial arts.’ Like all of us my kids are hitting critical mass.

I think the harder part is that we all know it is not over anytime soon. Even as our state starts to open up something none of us are sure is the right thing to do but understand we have to move forward, the fact is not much is going back to normal. We’ll be wearing masks and avoiding public places as much as possible. We won’t be rescheduling the trip we had to cancel as this all exploded on us. They won’t be going back to the Conservatory for classes or to martial arts to resume training to become an instructor. Hockey, flag football, water polo, all cancelled. Camps are off the table and so are concerts. We have tickets for AJR this summer.

I’m thankful for Zoom, as limited as it is they can still take some theater classes, go to CCD. This is it for now until the powers that be can find a vaccine. After the vaccine? I feel like that’s some dystopian future that I am not imaginative enough to envision.

Maybe that’s a story idea in the making.

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