Creative Effort

Writing Challenge: If your brain were a tangible, physical place, what would it be like?

Pulling the deep weeds in the blistering sun was never any fun. The sticky heat clung to her skin and pooled between the valley of her breasts. Jungle sounds surrounded her chirping, squawking, the occasional sinister hiss that raised the hairs on the back of her neck. Insects bit deep leaving angry whelps on her skin. Still she hacked through the brush and gruff with the sharp machete blade searching, searching, only to stumble out into the vast emptiness of the dessert dunes. There was no turning back, none at all, not at this point. She would get lost if she tried. So she took step after step in a line to a place she could not name and was not sure existed. Then as a cloud drifted mercifully across the sun’s glare something materialized in the distance. Was it? Her charred face lit up at the possibility as she ran toward the swaying palms and the gurgling blue pond of the oasis. She could almost taste the cool waters on her parched lips. Had she made it? Was it real? Or was it just another story idea?

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