Hmmm Not So Fast

Writing Prompt: The year you were born This is not something I talk about though you probably have a vague idea. I’m older than some, younger than others, willing to admit the differential is quickly closing to one side. Kennedy was before me but then which Kennedy there are so many. I saw Madonna liveContinue reading “Hmmm Not So Fast”

Moody Blues

I am a moody soul. Hard to read. Difficult to understand. Grumpy and old enough now not to care. I’m no longer in icing mode – icing over the issues, the ugly, the indifference I feel sometimes. Much of this feels like a right of passage to maturity, age. Some of it is sad, puttingContinue reading “Moody Blues”

Holiday Weekend

I always try to remember the real meaning of this weekend. It’s easy to forget with BBQs and boats and beaches and lakes and the giddiness of the end of school. I had (have) plenty service members in my family. My dad fought in Korea. The only time I ever saw Dad cry was describingContinue reading “Holiday Weekend”


It’s the official start to Summer, and let’s agree that this year the moment is 100% anticlimactic. I’m still in hermit mode until enough people have caught this that they figure out some more consistent ‘tells’ for who lives or dies or they come up with a treatment or vaccine. Many of my fellow neighborsContinue reading “Summertime”

Mental Break

I’m taking the day off today. I don’t do this much. It’s the price of self employment. You work all of the time, a little here, a little there. It adds up to never really taking a vacation even when you’re on vacation. Writing is the same now that I’ve recommitted to doing it, ifContinue reading “Mental Break”