Shoot the Moon

Here’s take 2 on that post that got gobbled by the Matrix the other day.

To Shoot the Moon in Hearts a player must win all the tricks that have Hearts as well as the Queen of Spades. In a normal game, each Heart is 1 point and the Queen of Spades 13. These get added to a player’s score on the way to 100pts. First one to 100pts ends the game, loses and the other scores determine the winner. If you Shoot the Moon, instead of taking 26 points you give 26 points to all of the other players.

The fear is trying to Shoot the Moon and missing by one Heart. Then all you’ve done is add 25 points to your score.

For the first time ever I was dealt a hand good enough (read: bad enough) to attempt Shooting the Moon. I had almost every face card and the ones I didn’t get in the deal my kid passed to me as you must do on certain hands. It was a no brainer. Even still my palms were sweaty and I was twitching like I might mess it up. If I did I would have lost and passed 100pts. Despite my wild younger days I’m a real granny about risk these days. I came out fine and Shot the Moon. Woohoo!

A few hands later, my kid accidentally did the same thing. We were all so busy trying to count cards that no one noticed, not even the child who was doing it, that this child was gathering all the cards they needed to shoot the moon. Not until we started counting points did we realize they had gathered all the points. Everyone got a good laugh from that and this child won the game because of this happy accident.

Fear and risk in life are similar, aren’t they? Sometimes we go in fully knowledgeable about the level of risk and with planning, work and luck things materialize. Other times we plow into a minefield with blackout glasses on, navigate it and don’t realize what we’ve done until after. And then there are those times where it’s a mix.

The big thing is embracing fear and risk because you’re going nowhere without a little of each. Know when to stir the pot and know when to let it sit. The only advice on how to read that is time and experience. But the best advice is don’t avoid it. Gather that time and experience. It will look like a lot of failure but failure is applied knowledge learning. On the other side is vision.

The magic happens in the heart palpitations of ‘what the hell did I get myself into?’. Trust me.

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