I love Weezer. A sure throwback to my 90s grunge days. I love that after all of these years they are very relevant. Talent is timeless let’s face it. That’s why Margaret Atwood is the coolest ever and the orange man is, well, is not. Anyway, probably one of my favorite current Weezer songs is ‘Can’t Knock the Hustle‘. It’s classic Weezer – tongue in cheek, clever, timely, catchy.

I like it even more because our economy has shifted to one of the hustle and gig work. It’s become even more entrepreneurial and there is everything good about that. Everyone should get the pleasure and pain of working for themselves, the power, the worry, the ups and down, the celebrations. It’s not for the feint of heart but if you can stomach the insecurity it is like one amazing high.

I like much of what I see about the gig economy online but then I also don’t like much of what I see about it online. We’ve been rewarding, with outrageous enthusiasm, some pretty dumb shit. As my oldest who is the ultimate hustler plans to get a job as soon as they can I want to teach them to reach for something bigger. It’s hard. They started a lawn moving business and eventually stopped due to their schedule. But in the interim it was hard work and they learned a tough lesson that even those idiot YouTubers that I can’t stand are working hard to generate their buzz and success.

So how do you balance financial success with social responsibility. I won’t be the one to bad mouth Pew De MoonPie or whatever his name is or the Kardashions. They spotted their market and exploited the hell out of it and we rewarded them with our money and that’s how capitalism works.

But let’s face it, there’s no mother’s pride, at least for me, in their success. I’m more of the Jodie Foster/Ron Howard style success over the Paris Hilton kind. Elon Musk for all of his dysfunction has my admiration. The man is rich yes but it’s very paper based. He throws what little liquidity he has into companies he believes in, many of which are not exactly thriving in the true business sense, in spite of all the hype. But he wants a better world and he’s willing to throw his everything into that goal.

I guess what I’m saying is I love the hustle and even if I don’t like the way you hustle I’m always going to admire the drive. But maybe recycle a bottle here and there without doing it in front of a camera. K?

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