Writing Challenge: Acrostic Poem

Every now and then I’ll dip a toe in the poetic league. I’m not very good so I tend to stand by the side and read what’s out there. The one thing that surprised me when I joined writing Twitter was the number of poets. I have to say that’s inspiring. I never really liked poetry in school that much. But I’m a slow adopter sometimes and it’s grown on me and I enjoy a well placed poem. Anyway, I keep saying I’m going to try my hand at an acrostic poem but then I don’t because it’s hard. So here goes:

Last I knew, as the cards fell, that one decisive day

Our fates were still entwined

Vynl records scratched on your floor with nothing left to say

Evermore unbind

Luck has it I still love you, in spite it all, like the moments never passed

Yet I have no regrets about your fall, it was never meant to last

Published by miasotowrites

Wannabe Writer Tired Mother Aspiring Slacker

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