Sharpening the Tool

We’ve been playing a lot of cards lately. My SO is, really was, a big card player in their single days. Before I ruined everything by meeting my SO, their group of friends would meet multiple times a week to play – wait for it – bridge. I always thought that was hysterical even if it’s a really hard game to play and master.

We’ve been playing some Spades but more recently shifted to Hearts. I’m somewhat analytical and then not at all, all at the same time. My SO has a high level math degree from one of the best institutions in the world. Counting cards comes as a second nature to them. Me, not so much. I start then forget what’s already out there as I keep playing cards and start playing the wrong cards. Then you also have to keep up with what suits the other players have or are out off. The hamster in my brain is suffering from acute exhaustion by the end of play. Right now I’m up 25 points in the current game. I’m on pace to hit 100 long before anyone else.

To this end, we’ve been working on my youngest and older to have them do the same, count cards, pay attention, juggle the many changing facts in a particular game. Bear with me, it’s not cheating. It’s an exercise in dusting off a part of the brain that I think most of us don’t use very often. Both of my kids are picking up the skill pretty quickly. Mom is still struggling.

Still I find as I age it’s good to do things that feel hard and possibly make me look not so smart. It’s the only way to sharpen the brain tool. I may never be good at counting cards or other sort of precise analytical skills. But if I at least get the skill sharpened from a dull blunt club to a dull blunt blade I’m sure I have done something good for me as a whole.

Who knows? Maybe I’ll write about it someday. What do you do to stretch your skill set?

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