A Confederacy of Dunces

Growing up in NOLA this is required high school reading. Of late, it seems like a bizarre parallel of current leadership. The only difference being the guileless stupidity with which Ignatius comes to his story resolution. No one can argue our current leader isn’t as ridiculous but his exacting arrogance is far removed from Ignatius and in this story he is full in charge of the confederacy of dunces.

Seems they want to open the country. I’d like to argue we never really closed it. Like the meme I saw, having some states close and some stay open is like having a peeing section of the pool. Even in the states that did close people were gathering. Even though despite this you can at least see a change in the data that showed the curve shifted downward in states that quarantined. I’m a data girl. Crazy like that.

It’s hard to pacify dunces and since 911 (and before) there have been conspiracies from folks who I’m not sure have ever traveled ten miles outside their hometowns. It’s terrifying the ignorance and what’s more terrifying is how this ignorance is celebrated among them. I’m one to embrace those who I know haven’t had the opportunities that I have. And I abhor snobbery or arrogance. I especially despise those who know better but choose to be selective in their knowledge to benefit their point of view.

I’ve been watching MasterClasses in my free time. My little scientist and I have been watching Neil DeGrasse Tyson. In the last one he talked about cognitive bias (and cultural bias) for both of which he had no patience. It was lazy in his interpretation to go about life looking for those things that fit our wanted perception and employing that to understand the world. He’s so right. We’re human so this is our nature to think this way but that doesn’t mean we are incapable of stretching past this natural bias.

What’s more, as hard as it is to see some of these protesters and not judge them, the truth is we could make much better strides if we find away to bridge the knowledge gap. When we’re all smarter we’ll all do better in choosing capable leaders and moving forward in a realistic, responsible way.

In the end, science should be driving the current dialogue. But at the end it will only be knowledge that saves us.

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