Back to our regularly scheduled programming. Sometimes you need to scream into the wind a little, blow off the frustrations that build up over time and inequities and the general bs of daily life. That was yesterday for me.

It felt good even though it did not promote any resolution or even hope because turning the Titanic around is a fool’s errand. There may be no changing the fact that often the worst of us get the best of all things. My guess is this is a universal, across time, sort of truth.

That doesn’t change the fact that it felt good to vent. Too often we’re told to bite the tongue, hold it in, stiff upper lip if you will. Very often this is the exact right course of action. You maintain control when you don’t throw your cards down, flip the table and storm off screaming. (This is a visual brought to us from my older brother after losing a childhood game of Monopoly. ) Control is a good thing. More often than not it gives you the upper hand.

But we are human and humans have to release at some point or bad things happen. Even those of us who seem to have some sort of robotic control have to have moments of steam release or they’ll rust. So if it happens that you need to act a fool then maybe that is exactly what needs to happen.

The biggest thing to avoid is lighting any bridges on fire. I’m not against burning a bridge. Sometimes you need to cut off all access because the path goes both ways right? Sometimes it’s best to wave from across a wide canyon. Strategy. That’s the key takeaway when soaking those torches in oil. You need to have done your homework to be sure this isn’t a bridge you’ll need to cross again or at the very least if you do that there is another path across.

It’s all a late stage Jenga game where the structure is holding on by a hair and how you navigate that is carefully and dressed for emergency relief.

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