Pardon My Complaining

I wasn’t going to write this. Then I was. Then I wasn’t. So clearly I am since we’re all here right now. Get ready because it’s a rant. I wasn’t eligible for the personal returns from our government. No surprise and definitely the way it should be. That money should be in the hands of those who are struggling. If you want my full opinion, a decent bit more should have been given. $1,200 isn’t going to take anyone very far.

I did, however think we would get the PPP loan assistance. If you are unfamiliar, it was set up for small businesses to help with payroll and as long as we maintained our payroll we would get the funding and not have to pay it back. After submitting my paperwork, it was crickets, loud, chirping crickets. Then I find out by way of internet news article that the program is out of funds. Nary a response heard.

I’d say I’m surprised but, yeah, I’m not. I’m also not surprised that companies like Ruth Chris (a multi-state restaurant chain, from my hometown of NOLA) got money, lots of it. Or that a large trucking company in our area, who’s owner has a private jet and a warehouse filled with antique cars got nearly $1M. If you don’t know, or didn’t connect the dots, trucking is booming right now. Booming. I know this is all the tip of the bullshit iceberg.

Live moderately, work hard, bend over. That’s kind of what it feels like. During the last downturn, we ended up in some real estate investments that we would have loved to get out of. We couldn’t because we are responsible citizens who live well below our means and do pretty well for ourselves. Unlike many around us who were (still are now that they’ve rebounded) jetting off to some bucket list destination over a 3 day holiday and pulling up to me in their Range Rovers. Neither of which they could afford.

When the bottom fell out, they were defaulting like eggs dropping and getting away with it. Getting out of the loans on the over-sized homes they couldn’t afford. While we sat ponying up our share to bail them out. In a few years, many of them were back in the market buying their mega-homes and living large. WTF! We didn’t do that and when we inquired if there was something we could do to catch a break we actually had someone suggest that we run up a bunch of credit then default. Really? Really? This is where we are in this country.


Can you tell I’m pissed? Because I am.

We are solvent and not hurt by the virus impact. Our plan was to use the funds to hire people, and not high level consultants. We were going to find a marketing assistant and a junior developer trainee or two. Not the exact spirit of the program but as honorable as anything I see going on right now.

I don’t know the answer. I know part of it is letting companies fail. That’s what capitalism is built on. The best companies have reserves to weather even the worst times. When they can’t and they fail, then the government comes in and helps those affected. I would be fine with receiving nothing if it meant people really in need got real checks of aide not token drops in the bucket. If the money went where it should with only minimal loopholes.

Instead I have a feeling some guy nearby is looking into another $500K car and my hard work and responsible living is funding it.

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