In My Head

Writing Challenge: Stream of Concious

I tried this with the short story She in the book 3 Shorts. I had various degrees of success. I definitely fell out of it but it’s a good excercise.

I’m tired of being inside and it’s gloomy today. I hate the rain. We need it. Everything is dying. The younger is on YouTube. I can see it and I don’t give a shit right now. They think I don’t know. Whatever I’m feeling blue so I’ll let it go. Guess I should get up and wash the dogs. They’re really fluffy. I’m going to have to borrow my SO’s clipper. Should be fun. Momo is going to bite me like last time when I tried to cut something out of her fur. She’s such an ass. I wonder why she’s throwing up again. I need to make some rice. Do I have pumpkin? This is hard. I don’t have the mindset for it right now but I’m not sure I’ll have time to write something creatively for Saturday again if I don’t do it now. I really want to open my story and keep going. I have an idea about how I’m going to tie all these changes I’m making to it together. It’s really quiet right now. I should work on it. The kids are busy not doing their work and my SO is on a call. Probably the only chance I’ll have today to work on it without constant interruption. I need a break. Lately things are chaffing. I’m tired of being under thumb. People have sucked. I’m just in a funk and need to power on. If I exercised I’d feel better. I don’ t feel like exercising. Shit, my kid’s coming. Guess that ends this.

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