Breaking a Sweat

I’ve been working out in our garage. We have one of those bars bolted onto the wall and weights and honestly about any equipment that any shady pay as you go gym would have to keep someone fit. It’s not glamorous but it is keeping us sane.

I joined Beach Body on Demand because a neighbor recommended it to me. I went in with low expectations because these things never work out for me. Still, I need someway to elevate the heart rate and I have butterfly brain. I lack the ability to focus for long periods of time on things that bore me and exercise bores me. It’s been about five days of workouts and I’m liking it.

I’m a yoga girl to begin with so PlyYo is right up my alley, other than the militantly friendly lady who makes me feel like a wind up doll who’s been wound a little too tight. She means well. I think. At least that’s the vibe I get off of her ‘extra-ness’.

The biggest issue is that summer is here and it’s come in like a lion. I’m losing half my body weight in water every time I go out there and work out. If I were more health conscious I’d feel this is a bad thing because it’s throwing my system off balance. But I exercise for the most vapid of reasons and I kinda like that I look way skinnier when I’m suffering from extreme dehydration. (Note: this is a joke. Drink lots of water when you work out, even if you’re swimming!)

I was thinking about taking a before and after picture and posting it. Sorry to say I’m entirely too vain and insecure for that ever to happen. Best you may get someday is a grainy photo of a silhouette that’s been highly edited (think Kardashian) that may or may not be me.

How are you staying fit in this brave new world?

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