Golden Eggs

Have you ever watched an egg hunt as an adult? If not, you should. It’s a mercenary, cut throat, feral ritual of cold-bloodiness that ends when there is only one winner and everyone else is crying. Ok, it’s not that bad but the experience is not one for the weak. They can smell weakness and will prey on on it like cheetahs on the hunt..

The main focus of the hunt is to secure all of the Golden Eggs because the Golden Eggs have the big money (usually a $5, $10, $20 bill). We make sure to have at least four Golden Eggs in the hope that they will distribute somewhat evenly in the search. It never happens. Someone always ends up with most if not all of them. There have been years when the olders will body clip the youngers in the panicked, Lord of the Flies, frenzy of the hunt to rip the Golden Eggs out of the hands of those too naive and too weak to do anything to stop the matter. But the youngers are getting older and bigger and the odds are evening out over the group.

Isn’t it true that we’re all searching for the Golden Egg? The smaller Hershey Kiss filled eggs come off like a real let down when you know there’s an egg floating around stuffed with a $20. As we get older we’re coy enough to pretend to know we should enjoy all the eggs we find along the way but none of us are good enough actors to credibly pull off the Buddhist altruism of being ok with not winning the big payday. Winning is an inherent human emotion.

This quarantine is the ultimate lesson in enjoying the small eggs. To our credit I feel as a people we’re doing a much better job at embracing joy and laughter and patience than probably any of us thought possible. This is heartening, the idea that for all of the bad there is an equal amount of good. Not that everything is perfect and there aren’t plenty of stories of horror and sadness.

The egg hunt we had yesterday lacked the ruthless tone of years past. They are growing up, learning to find peace with the eggs they do find, knowing just having a silly egg hunt is more than so many other children will get. Maybe we’re all learning these things as we lock up in our homes struggling with boredom or worse financial or health worries. Whether you’re Christian or not maybe a little of this is God or Jesus or Buddha or last night’s pizza sending a lesson down.

I know Easter is a christian holiday and as divisive as Christmas these days. If nothing else, I hope even non believers can embrace the idea of a rebirth. That today is a new day and however bad you screwed up yesterday things can be different today. Maybe not 180 degree different but small steps, one try at a time, different. Because a man thousands of years ago who was arguably the most effective politician ever (we’re still talking about him) set down some pretty radical ideas of selflessness and giving, the original socialist if you will.

And maybe that man has us all on an Easter egg hunt right now.

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