We all know them either from personal experience and/or watching our kids navigate them. Or maybe a work experience, nasty and competitive with someone much better than you at manipulating the scene. Certainly we’ve all see it through leadership.

Lately, it seems the bully’s have won the war. They shout the loudest and wear the other calmer minds down until resistance feels like swimming through heavy muck. Letting them win is easier than getting through the thick walls of a bully’s entitlement.

They screech loudly, accomplish little, intimidate the weak and then strut off like John Travolta in Saturday Night Live. I take some martial art forms and sometimes I just want to unleash violently. This behavior would be more useful if I was stronger and larger. Either way, it’s not the answer.

We stand at a monumental time in history. This will be studied and reflected upon for generations. It’s hard to believe we’ve put the man at the pulpit in charge of the national dialogue. But it goes to show how low our national dialogue has fallen. There really isn’t one.

Right now life becomes singular, my focus is me and mine and how I change our footprint to reflect the world I want. How do I teach my kids respect, decency, strength to stand alone if necessary? One day at a time. One mention at a time. One effort at a time where I ask them to look at the ugly truth and rise above, learn to lead, learn to be silent, learn to swing a fist. No putting it under a rug or ignoring the state of affairs.

I’m setting the foundation early and all I can hope is others are doing the same.

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Wannabe Writer Tired Mother Aspiring Slacker

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