Old Timey

My mom saves everything. She saves old wrapping bows, old wrapping paper that’s only a little crinkle, don’t even get started on old gift bags. She reuses zip locks. She’ll wash foil. She saves disposable water bottles and refills them at home. She used to bring snacks and drinks into the movies when we were kids, to our utter embarrassment. Who knows what’s in those containers in her refrigerator. We used to laugh at all this but these days she seems borderline visionary.

She grew up in the 40s at a time when the ravages and shortages of the Great Depression were still strong in the minds of people all over the world. You didn’t/don’t waste. We’ve all had fun at her expense but she’s getting the last laugh. As we adjust to this strange time I can’t help but embrace her ways. We already live conservatively, but now we’re being very aware of not wasting, finishing things to the last.

I heard Corona virus described as a rich person’s disease. So true. We caused this flying all over the world with our FOMO frenzy influencers, influencing people to live well beyond their means in a shallow grab at significance. People like my SO and I haven’t helped as we traveled extensively for work as consultants. It’s become obvious to us since this started most of those trips could have been telecommuted. In person hand shakes are great but sometimes after that first trip it really could just be a Zoom meeting most of the time.

Now we’re told to close up in our homes for months on end. We’re buying all the things as quickly as our money can. For sure, this is a rich man’s disease, poor people in poor countries can’t do this. They’d die but not of Corona virus, of starvation.

Everyone is talking about after. I agree with the strain going around that after this we travel locally. Fill ourselves up on the local flair and food and interest. Each and every country in the world is singularly beautiful. I’ve been to a lot of them so I feel safe making this all inclusive statement. I know my kids want to go places. I’ve promised trips to Russia and Germany to my Russian and German speaking kids. (We are the family of random foreign languages.) My eldest is a nature freak and a Safari is also circling waiting for landing approval and the Great Wall of China is a bucket list for all of us.

But for now, we’re taking a car and seeing the great USA probably one of the most beautiful countries I’ve ever been and I haven’t been to nearly enough places in it. Time to start. Great story ideas to follow.

Right after all this is over.

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