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That’s what this feels like. One big Groundhog’s Day. I’m ready to stop. My child said to me the other day ‘the last 2 days have been soo long.’ The novelty of ‘we have to stay in the house’ is wearing off to the punishment that ‘we have to stay in the house’.

I keep telling myself that if I still lived in the city I would have gone crazy by now. I never had a space larger than 1,200 sqft (and that one was with roommates). None of the windows opened very far because you know The City. I would literally be living in a box right now and that would have been too much for me. There’s only so much yoga or TV someone can do/watch.

I’m about to go to the store. I never took this whole thing lightly but I feel my fear and tension rising every time I have to go to a store. I’m scared. I feel it’s better than delivery in that I’m the only one touching it. At the same time I’m scared to bring this thing back to my asthmatic child.

Basically this whole moment in history sucks as I’m sure they felt during the great wars, the depression. Remarkable times call for remarkable sacrifice and to call holing up in your home a remarkable sacrifice is laughable compared to the atrocities of WWII or other such things. Shut your whining Mia. Ok, it’s time. I’m leaving early in case there is a line.

We’ll all be stronger after this. Right now though, as I used to say as a child, it sucks eggs.

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