Learning Something New

It’s hump day and that means just about nothing at this point. Let’s be honest. It’s not like I had raging weekend plans even in normal times. I didn’t/don’t. But it’s pretty bleak when the weekend is looming and there’s nothing to be done even if only a quick trip to a store or to pick up DIY things.

I’ve taken the advice of others and brushed off some skills. Sat to my piano for the first time in a long time. I don’t know much Gershwin. I was taught by a miniature German task master that refused to teach fun things. But I can play the fuck out of Liszt. And I grabbed a guitar and started strumming again. I also have been dusting off some of the languages that at one point in life I was near fluent in. I tell ya, it’s true, use it or lose it.

How are you spending the time?

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Wannabe Writer Tired Mother Aspiring Slacker

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