Shoot the Moon

Here’s take 2 on that post that got gobbled by the Matrix the other day. To Shoot the Moon in Hearts a player must win all the tricks that have Hearts as well as the Queen of Spades. In a normal game, each Heart is 1 point and the Queen of Spades 13. These getContinue reading “Shoot the Moon”


I love Weezer. A sure throwback to my 90s grunge days. I love that after all of these years they are very relevant. Talent is timeless let’s face it. That’s why Margaret Atwood is the coolest ever and the orange man is, well, is not. Anyway, probably one of my favorite current Weezer songs isContinue reading “Hustle”

Smudges Kerpudges

Over the weekend a notice popped up on my phone marking the anniversary of the day we had to put my beloved Yorki down. She was 16yrs old. That was a messy, blubbery few months of mourning. She was with me through many of the pivotal milestones of my life, single city life, marriage, kids,Continue reading “Smudges Kerpudges”


Writing Challenge: Acrostic Poem Every now and then I’ll dip a toe in the poetic league. I’m not very good so I tend to stand by the side and read what’s out there. The one thing that surprised me when I joined writing Twitter was the number of poets. I have to say that’s inspiring.Continue reading “Acrostic”

Step Off

My kids science teacher mercifully sent over a science packet for them to work through. I declare this entire moment in time has worn out its welcome. We home school even in normal times but normal home school looks nothing like this. On a normal week, they spend an entire day at our local conservatoryContinue reading “Step Off”

Sharpening the Tool

We’ve been playing a lot of cards lately. My SO is, really was, a big card player in their single days. Before I ruined everything by meeting my SO, their group of friends would meet multiple times a week to play – wait for it – bridge. I always thought that was hysterical even ifContinue reading “Sharpening the Tool”

A Confederacy of Dunces

Growing up in NOLA this is required high school reading. Of late, it seems like a bizarre parallel of current leadership. The only difference being the guileless stupidity with which Ignatius comes to his story resolution. No one can argue our current leader isn’t as ridiculous but his exacting arrogance is far removed from IgnatiusContinue reading “A Confederacy of Dunces”


Back to our regularly scheduled programming. Sometimes you need to scream into the wind a little, blow off the frustrations that build up over time and inequities and the general bs of daily life. That was yesterday for me. It felt good even though it did not promote any resolution or even hope because turningContinue reading “Steaming”