Debate Team

I’ve been talking about sides and how there doesn’t seem to be much in between anymore. I thought well, Mia, opinions are great but what can be done about this?

For my part I try very hard to hear the other side an argument. Even ones that infuriates me. My little Spanish mother and her #MAGA cultism has been particularly sharp to bear lately. It was bad enough during the good times but right now she and her kind have fated me to this fool’s leadership and he isn’t capable. The other day I finally snapped back. And you know what? I can’t lie it felt good but it was utterly useless.

So I go back to my watchful ways. But one of the best books I ever read on negotiations was Getting to Yes. It’s short and to the point. We should all read it, for the first time or again.

Especially our leaders.

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