We Need A Hero

I was watching Sunday Morning this week and they did a piece on leaders, particularly leaders during pivotal times: Washington, Lincoln, Roosevelt. It’s been – something (I’m struggling for the correct adjective) for watching our leaders in DC handle this crisis. Let’s throw some adjectives around – painful, shocking, flabbergasting, horrific, petulant, brattish, dense, unsympathetic, self promoting, self adulating, accusatory,

Honestly it has been like a bad day of parenting but at least with my children I know they are children and are here to be molded and shown a better way. These are adults we’re talking about. And this behavior in DC is nothing new. One side screams. The other side screams back. A rare voice of reason speaks out and gets stomped like a daisy in a pasture field.

They are both only in it for the paychecks and the under the table finagling, the lobbyist positions that await them after they decide to move on eventually because God knows they won’t get voted out. They have their army of zombies ready to scream and point fingers and show no rational ability to engage in dialog, debate or compromise, just like their warlords.

We – us in the middle who can still see shades of color – allow for this so we have no one to blame for the fact that Hobbs was correct and even in the easier of times we are a bottom dwelling leaning species. This is hard to write when I see so much good happening right now. These broad, wonderful gestures of humanity lacing between the ugly, rotted underbelly of our political process.

What is so jarring is when we see true leaders emerge juxtaposed to the mess in DC. Those lonely souls who act with decisiveness and make the unpopular decisions and accept the criticism that goes with doing what’s right. For this particular crisis these have been the Governors, particularly Cuomo and DeWine. Seeing them doing what’s right and wasting no time in the idiot across the aisle screaming is comforting and scary.

It can happen it simply doesn’t happen anymore and when it does it’s so unsettling for all of us to see we’re bewildered by the calm, rational leadership of bipartisan goals. It brings me back to the fact that we’ve allowed this system to rot like this and because of that the worst of us have become our leaders.

And the worst of the worst of them is our president. There is no arguing on any level that we are watching a Washington or Lincoln or Roosevelt in action here. We are watching a grotesque unleashing of partisan, confused, abjectly failed leadership in waves and waves of increasing inability. He is the pinnacle of the bad on both sides to which we have committed our fates.

When this is all over, because it will end and we will be better and stronger than before. Are we willing to silence the extremists on either side who have been given way too much voice and power than they ever should have been? Is it possible to look ourselves in the mirror and be the change that allows for the Lincolns and Washington and Roosevelt to even want to bother running again?

Is it?

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