One of the cool things happening right now is the way performing artists are coming together to share their music or artistic talents online. Mo Willems teaching how to draw the beloved Pigeon was one of them. Those books were long time favorites in my house. Every Spring Cleaning blitz those books survive it because someday they’ll be read to grandchildren.

The other night Garth Brooks and Trisha Yearwood had a ‘concert’ and they broke the internet. This is interesting because not long before all of this happened I bought tickets to AJR. I was flabbergasted by how expensive they were especially because the band’s demographic sits mainly with a group of people who for the most part have no earning potential or limited earning potential and have done very little to even realize this wane bit of earning potential. Clearly, the financial burden is their parents’.

At the time my SO said I bet VR is headed to where you can buy tickets to watch a concert for significantly less than an in person ticket. I agreed. Flash forward a few days to the chaotic landscape of Pandemic Entertainment and when companies can focus again on such frivolous realities I bet we see that develop quickly. That’s the amazing thing about our economy, as absurd as it can be (paying athletes 10s of millions of dollars and making teenage influencers billionaires) it is this freedom that allows dollars to be put to innovative ideas that really do help level the playing field.

There are many folks who can’t afford to go to AJR. I bought tickets to Elton John’s farewell tour and holy crap my hands were shaking as I typed the credit card number in. That was plain criminal. Seeing these sort of events become accessible to more of the public makes us all better. It inspires artists – who didn’t know they were artists because their lives do no allow for such superfluous thinking – to say wait, that’s what I want to do. It allows music to heal and bring us together at a time like this. It allows for private industry to turn on a dime and change production capacity. It allows open platforms of dialogue to help push the spread of ideas and news (yes, with a needed filter that doesn’t allow for just blind acceptance).

And for better or worse it’s technology that does this. I know there’s a push for the old days, records making a comeback. I don’t believe there’s much honor in nulling the benefit or convenience that machinery has brought our lives. It doesn’t elevate or single us out as higher beings. As Robert Prisig said, ‘the only Zen you can find on the tops of mountains is the Zen you bring up there’. Thumbing our noses at innovation doesn’t make us visionary. We can embrace the future while celebrating the past. It really is the only way forward.

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