Oh Well

This would have been the halfway mark for our family vacation this week. I cancelled everything almost a week and a half ago. Looking at the landscape which is taking on a scorched appearance this thought seems ridiculously tone deaf. Still, I wouldn’t have been writing like this had the trip materialized. I probably would have been observing other ideas that would have fueled other blog posts.

It’s hard to be as observant – even as I weather global history in the making – when I have to do it from the faulty information source of the internet and the four walls of my home. I wonder how things are going to look when this is all over. Changes are happening that none of us can even imagine.

I’d like to think, as an optimist, we’re learning to be prepared, to stop being caught with our pant down around our ankles. But based on the theatrical performances of the dunces we’ve elected to lead us (and I mean on both sides), I don’t get a warm fuzzy feeling this is the case.

Once again it comes down to the fact that the only changes or learning that can ever really happen are individual ones. How do I attack life differently after this? How do I teach my children to learn from this? No doubt a story will evolve from all this but right now my creative faucet is pretty dry. Though as I ween myself off the 24/7 news cycle I can feel the numbed thinking fading and the ideas starting to churn again.

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